Broker News: New App At And Etoro Slash Crypto Spreads

There are two pieces of great news for traders this week. Firstly, has launched a new mobile-based application for US traders, providing a range of options to improve trading performance. Secondly, eToro has announced that they are cutting crypto currency spreads by 50%, which is particularly exciting for crypto traders.

EA Mobile App

The new mobile app for US traders at offers a wide range of tools to enhance trading performance. There are expert advisor functions that can complement any strategy, and most functions are configurable to suit individual needs. For example, the correlation tool allows traders to compare the correlation between different markets and potentially trade on those results. Checks can be backdated for the utmost accuracy.

The advanced charting is also fully configurable, and trades can be set up per pip and ordered. Alarms can be set based on the account balance, margin, profit and loss, or consecutive wins and losses. This is particularly useful for those who are too busy to constantly monitor their portfolio. For more information, check out our review.

Crypto Spreads Halved

Trading crypto currency has always been a mix of good and bad elements for day traders. However, eToro has just announced that they are cutting crypto currency spreads by half, which is great news for crypto traders.

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