Coinbase Earn Sees Stellar Lumens (XLM) On The Move

The Stellar network, the blockchain-based, alternative cryptocurrency to Ripple’s XRP, may see some continued positive momentum following its recent addition to Coinbase, the vital fiat ‘gateway’ into the realm of crypto. So what’s the latest short-term boost? Well, recently Coinbase Earn, the Coinbase educational initiative (with its own separate website), added Stellar to its list of educational and promotional ‘features’.

Stellar Videos

A series of videos explain the workings of the network and can be viewed for $2 each, with the possibility for ‘Earn-ers’ to gain another $10 for up to four friends that also sign up, qualify and complete a lesson.

That makes $50 worth of Stellar Lumens one of the most attractive prospects yet on the Earn initiative.

The sequence of five video ‘lessons’ do great work in informing users about the utility and features of Stellar Lumens (XLM), which is not only a fast and secure blockchain-based network with a unique protocol but also has exciting properties and platforms being created.

AltCoin Progress

As Bitcoin has remained relatively steady, altcoins representing vital parts of the space have been bursting out (like BNB and KCS), but it’s also been a positive period for the growth of XLM and its price since the Coinbase Pro and Coinbase listing.

Shortly beforehand it rebranded to a more professional-looking logo, tying in with the confirmation that IBM’s Blockchain World Wire Cross-Border Payments Solution would be using Stellar.

It can all seem a little too convenient that such good news comes at once.

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