Joe Ross

Joe Ross is one of the best-known pro traders and mentors, and through the platform Trading Educators, his education is available to retail traders. This 2023 review will go over who Joe Ross is, what Trading Educators has to offer, the pros and cons of the service, and the pricing of each available resource. We also look at the best alternatives to Joe Ross and Trading Educators.

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Who Is Joe Ross?

Joe Ross traded for more than 60 years, making him an experienced trading mentor. For half of that time, he worked with other traders to teach them what he knew – although he was a trader and investor for himself first and foremost.

Joe Ross founded Trading Educators in 1988. He did this using his trademarked Ross Hook alongside the standards he created for low-risk trading, using concepts known as The Law of Charts and Traders Trick Entry. His trading education can be applied to futures, commodities, forex, and options.

Joe Ross also wrote 12 books and essays and articles about his style of trading, accumulating a notable following.

Products & Services

Private Mentoring

Trading Educators offers 1 to 1 mentoring.

Since his passing in 2021, the mentoring has been taken over by other traders who previously worked with Joe Ross.

Mentoring can happen either online or in person, and is advertised as a way to take up trading seriously.

Mentorship is for traders at various levels and users choose how long the mentorship will last, although most last 3 days. It’s worth noting this isn’t very long and some beginners may need more coaching.


Trading Educators offers different books and ebooks that cover various aspects of Joe Ross’s trading strategies:

  • Day Trading Strategy The E-Mini S&P 500 – This book introduces the E-mini S&P 500 day trading futures strategy developed by Joe Ross. It includes preparation, expectations, tools of the trade, timing, and trading without indicators.
  • Day Trading Forex – Joe Ross shows traders how he day trades currency pairs. This book aims to demonstrate where you have the best chance of profiting in forex, showing which currency pairs to trade, time frames, where to set profit-taking objectives, and protective stops.
  • Stopped Out! Four Specialized Ways for Stop Placement – This book provides information about how to place your stop to make your trades profitable. The advice covers various markets, not just forex.
  • Money Master – This book is focused on low-risk strategies and consistency over immediate large gains.
  • Futures From The Beginning – This book takes on various aspects of futures trading.

The text is supposed to have value for anyone looking to trade futures, regardless of experience level.

  • Money Making Options – This goes through two strategies for trading options, as well as an ‘options secret’ that Joe Ross used to increase his chances of success.

Hardcover Books

  • Day Trading: A Complete Day Trading Course in One Book – This book brings together Joe Ross’s trading experience into a guide to day trading. It covers various aspects of trading such as mindset and provides a trading plan.
  • Trading Spreads and Seasonals – Here, Ross covers what he knows about seasonality, and the trading vehicles that can be used. The strategies are organized by how risky they are. The book begins with seasonal spreads before moving on to seasonal trades in futures.
  • Trading the Ross Hook – The Ross Hook is one of the trademarked strategies created by Joe Ross, and this book tells traders how to do it, focusing on trade and profit management and how to minimize losses.
  • Trading Options and Futures – This book acts as a course on trading with combinations of options and futures. The book teaches traders how changing their strategy can lead to good outcomes, especially when it comes to options, combining a low-risk approach with a traditionally high-risk trading vehicle.
  • Trading is a Business – Here, Ross proposes that traders change the way they look at online trading, asking them to see it as a business rather than a way to earn fast money.
  • He takes traders through mindset failures that can affect trading outcomes.
  • Archived Webinars

    These webinars were recorded and are now archived. They were conducted by Joe Ross:

    • The Law of Charts In-Depth – This is the most popular of Ross’s recorded webinars, where he explains his ‘Law of Charts’ and how to use it.
    • Trading all Markets – This recording provides information about how you can combine The Law of Charts and Market Dynamics, two of Ross’s trademarked strategies.
    • Traders Trick Advanced Concepts – Here, Joe Ross goes into how traders can use The Law Of Charts combined with Traders Trick Entry.
    • Trading with More Special Set-ups – This webinar shows traders a strategy for turning a profit in a market and time frame in an accessible way.

    Pricing & Fees

    Private Mentoring

    The private mentoring service from Trading Educators costs $2,000 per day. This is more expensive compared to other alternatives.


    • Day Trading StrategyThe E-Mini S&P 500 – $127
    • Day Trading Forex – $127
    • Stopped Out! Four Specialized Ways for Stop Placement – $167
    • Money Master – $229
    • Futures From The Beginning – $239
    • Money Making Options – $127

    Trading Methods

    • Ambush Trading Method – $1,799
    • Stealth Trader – $947
    • Both Strategies Together – $2,196

    Hardback Books

    • Trading Optures And Futions – $195
    • Day Trading – $150
    • Trading is a Business – $150
    • Trading the Ross Hook – $175
    • Trading Spreads and Seasonals – $150

    Archived Webinars

    • Trading All Markets – $1,499
    • Traders Trick Advanced Concepts – $247
    • Trades with More Special Set-Ups – $247
    • The Law of Charts In-Depth – $947

    Deals & Promotions

    Signing up for the weekly newsletter with Trading Educators gives you 2 free eBooks and trading articles.

    The ebooks are The Law of Charts and Traders Trick Entry.

    Pros Of Joe Ross & Trading Educators

    • Resources – Trading Educators has a fairly large amount of resources to help traders.
    • Learning from experience – Joe Ross has built a reputation for being an experienced and knowledgeable trader. However, investing in a training course is costly, so it’s important to spend on one that is giving you something valuable.
    • Range of styles – The range of materials covers various kinds of trading, including options, futures, and forex.

    Cons Of Joe Ross & Trading Educators

    • High prices – Most training resources for online trading come at a high price. However, the ones found on Trading Educators are one of the most expensive out there. Not only are the courses offered by Ross’s team expensive, but the books and webinars are also not accessibly priced. Therefore, traders may consider whether they can find equally valuable information elsewhere, including at the top brokers with low-cost education and learning guides.
    • Lack of reviews – Although the platform has been running since the 1980s, there are very few legitimate reviews online. Although the Trading Educators website has several testimonials, reviews on third-party platforms are necessary to gauge a provider’s reliability.

    Customer Support

    Customer support queries can be made via the Trading Educators website.

    There is a form where you can leave your name, email, and the question you’d like to ask.

    The customer support line is open Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm US Central Time. The customer support team takes 1 business day on average to respond.

    Additional Features

    Free Trading Material

    Investors can receive free trading materials including a weekly newsletter, 2 ebooks, and lessons by signing up on the Trading Educators website.


    Trading Educators has a free blog featuring pieces that Joe Ross has previously written. Traders can use this as a resource on its own, or to supplement other learning tools.

    Blog posts come out weekly, and all previous blog posts can be accessed.

    Free Newsletter

    The Chart Scan weekly free newsletter includes chart commentary and trading articles from the 3 professional traders working at Trading Educators; Joe Ross, Andy Jordan, and Marco Mayer.

    Should You Sign Up With Joe Ross & Trading Educators?

    The resources offered by Trading Educators are based on the knowledge and experience of Joe Ross. However, traders should be wary of the high price points on the products and ensure that they have researched them thoroughly before spending money.

    Alternatively, consider one of the leading brokers with low-cost educational materials and learning guides.


    Who Is Joe Ross?

    Joe Ross was a professional trader and mentor who founded the training platform, Trading Educators.

    The platform aims to help traders minimize risk and increase their trading salary in the form of courses, mentoring, books and webinars.

    What Does Joe Ross Do?

    Joe Ross founded Trading Educators, which focuses on helping traders with their strategy and investing mentality through paid courses and other resources. Although Ross himself passed away in 2021, the platform continues to provide these services via other traders and educators.

    Is Trading Educators Worth The Money?

    The resources provided by Trading Educators are on the higher end of the price spectrum, with even the ebooks coming in at over $100 each. This means that beginners, in particular, should do in-depth research before purchasing any of the Joe Ross products.

    It’s also worth considering the lower-cost alternatives available, including brokers with educational materials.

    Is Trading Educators Legit?

    Trading Educators has been running since the 1980s, and this kind of longevity speaks to its legitimacy.