What Amazon’s Media Expansion Could Mean For Online Streaming Sector

It’s been reported that Amazon is considering purchasing another media giant as it competes with Netflix and Disney for international streaming service dominance.

The company is reportedly bidding $9bn for MGM Studios, which would give Amazon control over brands like James Bond and the Lord of the Rings series.

Impact on the Streaming Market?

This move is significant for Amazon, which has gone from having a less impressive film catalogue to becoming one of the most dominant forces in the streaming market.

By combining the James Bond series with the Premier League rights recently acquired, Amazon has positioned itself at the forefront of the streaming market.

If the acquisition is successful, Amazon will become the driving force in the streaming market.

Market Impact

Netflix’s selection of films and series has been under intense pressure for some time now.

With more channels and production companies offering their own streaming services, Netflix has had to scramble to acquire content, often spending more on development than they make through subscriptions.

Therefore, this acquisition is positive for Amazon, but it may concern those who have invested in Netflix.

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