Should I Buy Shares Or Trade Forex During Coronavirus Lockdown?

Regular day traders stuck in their homes due to the COVID-19 shutdown, and those working from home could be tempted by the opportunities to profit from the bear markets and currency fluctuations we’ve been seeing since February 2020.

Are Shares An Option?

The global coronavirus epidemic may be a frightening, sad, and depressing time for many individuals around the world, but it has to be said that opportunity often knocks at times like this.

It’s highly likely that the severe cuts to share prices experienced by many of the world’s top companies during the coronavirus crisis may be a situation that only occurs once or twice in your lifetime, so it’s vital to check out all markets and shares on a regular daily basis.

Of course, making huge profits on a daily basis is probably out of the question, unless you have the ability to access high leverage rates.

Using high leverage to sell short is one way to make daily profits from a bear market but this does entail huge risk (see our short selling page).

One choice is to invest in some of the most popular shares and markets at times they are at the lowest ebb. Of course, without the benefit of a crystal ball, it can be difficult to know when markets reach their bottom.

Buying Tips

One US share that’s bucked the downward global trend during March 2020 is the Zoom videoconferencing app.

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