Infinox IX Social Trading App Leads To 67% Growth

The social investing app powered by MetaTrader from Infinox is gaining huge popularity among millennial and generation Z traders. This interest is driving a two-thirds growth in the global broker’s customer base every quarter. Discover how this innovative application functions.

IX Social Trading App

The mobile platform is attracting a new generation of real-time investors, with almost 50% of its users under the age of 30. The application is particularly popular in Nigeria, Brazil, and India, with 33%, 26%, and 10% of users, respectively.

By creating a global community of active investors, users can share their knowledge and tips while taking positions on major financial markets in just a few clicks. The app features a live leaderboard ranking the most profitable traders, whose strategies and positions can be automatically copied across accounts.

IX social trading app
IX app

The broker’s app offers trading in shares and cryptocurrencies, although 93% of positions are currently executed on the forex market. Clients can find all major forex pairs, plus a long list of minors and exotics. Infinox also plans to upgrade the trading app with built-in live chat support and real-time messaging.

Robert Berkeley, CEO of Infinox, commented: “IX Social has rapidly evolved into a key part of INFINOX’s global growth story.

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