Orion Multi-Trader

Orion Trading Systems have developed a powerful, open-architecture trading platform. Clients can access multiple accounts and data sources to trade on a range of assets, including options, futures, stocks, forex and cryptos. The integrated desktop terminal also offers extensive customization capabilities.

This review of Orion explains how the platform works, breaking down key features and capabilities. We also list the brokers that support Orion’s Multi-Trader platform.

Orion Trading Systems Headlines

Based in Michigan, United States, Orion Trading Systems is a multi-asset platform aimed at advanced retail traders. The company was launched in 2015 by Paresh Malde to facilitate trading across multiple accounts and brokers.

The intuitive terminal is easy to set up and provides an impressive list of powerful trading capabilities, charting features, plus automated investing solutions. There is also a host of user guides on the Orion Trading Systems website to help new traders get set up with their workspace.

Orion Multi-Trader

The Orion Multi-Trader platform is home to an array of alerts, quotes, reports and analytical tools. Clients can connect to several trading accounts simultaneously.

Investors can also create a workspace with up to 50 charts.

Each chart can be customized separately with different colors, layouts and time frames to suit various strategies. Live workspaces can be run simultaneously either tabbed or floated across multiple screens.

Orion multi-asset trading

One-click trading is available for straightforward order execution. If you wish to purchase an asset, simply click on the chart, select ‘buy’ and input the desired quantity. This will create a sold-green line on the chart, as can be seen in the AAPL price chart below.

A sell-order creates a solid red line. If you wish to change the price of either order, simply drag and drop the bar to the new price.

Orion trading group

Clients can also trade from the order panel, DOM ladder, an option chain or via an options spread ticket. The platform is home to native or local trailing stops and conditional orders. Alert-triggered orders are also available.

In addition, experienced traders benefit from streaming options chains with real-time Greeks, plus portfolio analytics.

Orion trading platform – securities market

Importantly, users benefit from real-time alerts and notifications.

Перелік цитат, звітів та розширеної аналітики доступний, а компонентне посилання дозволяє здійснювати торгівлю через кілька рахунків та брокерів одночасно. Це також приносить з собою звіти про багатоактивовий П&L, що полегшує відстеження прибутків по рахунках.

Зверніть увагу, що MT пропонує потокові котирування для ф’ючерсів, акцій, опціонів, валют та криптовалют.


Однією з основних функцій платформи Orion Trading Systems є автоматизована інвестиція. Боти аналізують ринки від імені трейдера, щоб знайти активи, які підходять для його стратегії. Якщо виявляється можливість, торгівля автоматично виконується. Важливо, що автоматизація означає більш часті інвестиції.

Клієнти можуть здійснювати операції зі ставкою, графіком або панеллю замовлень. Інвестори також можуть відстежувати робочі стратегії за допомогою інтегрованої функції системного трекера.

Ви не повинні мати попередніх знань або досвіду з програмування та написання скриптів, щоб розпочати роботу з автоматизованим інструментом торгівлі. Посібники та поради для початку роботи доступні на офіційному веб-сайті та інтерфейсі платформи.

Orion trading your own automated strategies


Трейдери, які хочуть спробувати різні стратегії, можуть скористатися функцією демо-рахунка. Цей рахунок для паперової торгівлі використовує симульовані кошти, щоб ви могли вивчити платформу та створити робочий простір, який відповідає вашим потребам.

Важливо, що потенційним клієнтам не потрібно придбувати підписку або інвестувати реальний капітал.

A simple registration form is all you need to fill out to get started with the demo account. Orion company reviews

Note that the paper trading account supports stocks, stock options, futures, futures options, forex, and cryptos.


The Orion Trading Systems website offers a Learning Center where customers can learn how to set up charts, set up the Multi-Trader, and interpret workspaces. Detailed tutorials and guidance on the platform’s various features and tools are also available.

The company also provides a free 30-minute 1-on-1 help session with an advisor who can assist in setting up the platform. Bookings are available every weekday between 10:30 AM ET (GMT -5) and 3:00 PM ET.

Trading Accounts

Orion Trading Systems offers several account options:

  • Standard – The most basic account type that includes workspace customization, real-time quotes, alerts, detailed reports, multiple charting options, and ladders with depth of market data.
  • Advanced – Includes everything in the Standard account as well as high-level analysis for options, basic trading strategy support, and the Cloud+ service. The Cloud+ service allows for trading using a web browser and mobile phone, rather than requiring a Windows app.
  • Professional – Designed for professional traders and includes specialized analysis for options, high-level trading, and strategy monitoring systems.
  • Customers also have access to a virtual machine, in addition to all the Standard and Advanced account features.

Fees & Pricing

The fees for each account type are as follows:

  • Standard: $50 per month
  • Advanced: $125 per month
  • Professional: $300 per month

Note, Orion Trading Systems offer a free two-week trial. This is different from the demo account because the solution uses real capital. Some brokers also offer promotional deals, for example, Tradier Brokerage offers new users commission-free trading with the Standard account for $40 a month.

Customer Support

Traders can contact the Orion Trading Systems customer support team through several channels:

  • Phone number: (888) 299-9235
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Contact form: available on the official website
  • Social media: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

The social media accounts, in particular, are a good way to keep up to date with the latest platform updates and announcements.

Security & Reliability

Orion Trading Systems provide a secure options platform. Both co-CEOs have over a decade of experience working in financial services and trading software in particular.

It is also important to check and follow the security protocols at your supporting broker.

Two-factor authentication at the login stage, for example, provides additional security. Note, you may also need to meet KYC checks.

Getting Started

You can get started with the Orion Trading Systems investing platform in a few straightforward steps:

  1. Sign up with a compatible broker
  2. Install Orion MT on your Windows computer (you can find the installer on the Orion website). Ensure that you meet the minimum system requirements: 1 GHz processor, 4GB RAM, 100 MB hard drive space and 1280×1024 screen resolution. Also make sure you are running Windows 10 or better.
  3. Register for an account and log in using your email and password
  4. Select whether you want to trade with real capital or simulated funds
  5. Set up your workspace. There are guides with advice and help under the ‘Support’ tab

Benefits Of Orion

  • Monitor multiple assets and investments at the same time
  • No programming knowledge is required for automated trading
  • Connect to several online brokers simultaneously
  • Advanced charting and analysis tools
  • Alert-triggered orders
  • Highly customizable
  • Free demo account
  • One-click trading

Drawbacks Of Orion

Orion Trading System Verdict

Orion Trading System offers the powerful Multi-Trader platform with comprehensive options tools, component linking, plus multiple quotes and reports.

The solution can be used to access various accounts and data points simultaneously to execute advanced trading strategies. Users can also create tailored, personalized workspaces using the provider’s selection of self-help guides and tutorials. And with supporting brokers in major jurisdictions, experienced investors from the USA and France to Kuwait and Qatar can sign-up and start trading.


What Brokers Can I Use Orion Trading Systems With?

Orion Trading Systems has links with multiple brokers that span various assets. For example, you can trade stocks and shares with Tradier Brokerage. If you want to trade futures and options, you can use RJO Futures and Straits Financial, amongst others. For the full breakdown of linked brokers, see the Orion Trading Systems website.

How Much Does Orion Trading Systems Cost?

The subscription cost for using the Orion Trading Systems platform depends on the account type.

The Standard account costs $50 per month, the Advanced account costs $125 per month, and the Professional account costs $300 per month.

How Can I Contact Orion Trading Systems?

Orion Trading Systems has a ‘Contact Us’ page on their website. There is live chat, telephone support, email, plus a contact form. You can also book a free demo session with a member of the team who can show you how to get the most out of the platform and answer any questions.

Can I Test The Orion Platform Before Purchasing A Subscription?

Investors have two options when it comes to testing the Multi-Trader platform. Firstly, you can sign up for a two-week trial. Alternatively, you can register for a demo account with simulated funds.

Is The Orion Multi-Trader Platform Available Worldwide?

Orion Trading Systems is available internationally through a selection of supporting brokers.