Samuel Leach

Samuel Leach is a well-known trader based in the UK. Throughout his career, he has been teaching traders via his platform Samuel & Co, offering training courses and trading algorithms that are designed to increase profits and knowledge of the financial markets. This guide will review who Samuel Leach is, outline the services offered by Samuel & Co, and discuss whether they are worthwhile for traders.

Samuel Leach’s trading solutions are expensive and there is limited information available to verify the success of his services.

Instead, we recommend using:
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About Samuel Leach

Samuel Leach is the CEO and founder of Samuel & Co trading, which is a program for those who wish to partake in forex, stocks and algo-trading.

Leach began his trading activities after a career in private banking and started Samuel & Co in 2012 while working from his home in Watford. Leach began by buying companies experiencing market downturns, and then selling them for more money once their value had risen.

He turned this strategy into a system that could be replicated by others, writing a book called The Formula For Success in 2019, owning several businesses, and investing in startups.

In 2015, he developed an algorithm called Fusion, where he traded small GBP price increments in the forex market. Leach also gained recognition for helping traders to succeed through his YouTube video series ‘The Real Forex Trader’, with videos receiving millions of hits.

Today, Leach is a popular financial teacher in the UK, with a column in Forbes, a successful TED talk, and a popular training platform that has taught more than 3,000 traders from 63 countries.

How Samuel & Co Works

Samuel & Co is designed to help traders use the strategies that Samuel Leach used himself to become successful in trading. This is done in several ways:

  • Training Courses – Samuel & Co offer multiple training programs to help new traders improve their trading and make larger profits. Traders can learn from coaches who are experienced and on-hand to help them get better.
  • Algorithms – The platform also automated trading algorithms that trade on your behalf, using the same rules Leach applied to his own trading.
  • Live Accounts – Traders can use a live account to join a community of investors, starting with $25,000 in profit share. There is a program that traders must be accepted into prior to this, and the account can be opened upon its completion.


There are several training courses offered by Samuel & Co:

  • Free Online Program – There is a beginner’s training course that is free of charge, enabling traders to learn the basics of trading before taking it further.
  • Online Trading Course – The online trading course, costing £495 or equivalent, offers a 3-part program where you learn various aspects of Leach’s high probability price action and fundamental trading strategies.

This is designed to teach the setups that Leach used in his own trading journey, with a focus on forex and stocks.

Traders can access the course at any time after purchase, and it comes in video tutorials with in-built support. In total, the course contains more than 40 hours of content.

  • Wealth Programme – The Wealth Programme, costing £2,500 or equivalent, is designed for traders who are committed to learning how to be highly successful traders, offering a more advanced set of content. Rather than online content, the Wealth Programme provides a 1-to-1 coach. This is made up of two days of training, and one day of mindset training, alongside strategies that you can follow.
  • The Complete Trader – This is the most advanced course provided by Samuel & Co, offering an intensive five-day course with a 1-to-1 tutor and a session with Leach’s mindset coach, costing £4,999 or equivalent.

Pricing & Fees


All of the Samuel & Co courses require a one-off payment:

  • Free Online Program – This course is free to enroll in
  • Online Trading Course – £495 or equivalent
  • Wealth Programme – £2,500 or equivalent
  • The Complete Trader – £4,999 or equivalent


Here is a pricing list for the trading algorithms available:

  • BeastMode – £1500
  • Range Trader – £145
  • FX Sweeper – £150
  • QuickTrader – £165
  • GMT Pivot Points Plus – £40
  • Cluster Algorithm 2.0 – £150
  • Trademate Algorithm – £349
  • Pro Index Expert Advisor – £950
  • Fusion Expert Advisor – £3,000

Junior Trader Program & Live Account

The two-week junior trader program must be completed before the live trading account can be opened.

Once finished, traders can open a live account beginning with $25,000 and going up to $50,000 with a 50:50 profit share with Samuel & Co.

The fees for the live account are £149 per month, or equivalent, starting from month two and remaining until month four.

While this funded trading account offers a decent cash injection, there are several firms with funded accounts that provide a higher profit share, more capital, and lower fees. Our top picks are Earn2Trade and OneUp Trader.

Pros Of Samuel Leach

Good Reviews

On the whole, the reviews of Samuel & Co are fairly positive. The majority of traders have had good experiences, both with the service that is provided and with the level of customer support.

The service has received around 400 5-star Trustpilot reviews, many of which are verified by Trustpilot, which speaks to its legitimacy.

Range Of Options

Samuel & Co offers a range of products and services. This includes the newsletter at £30 per month and the book for £15.99, to the Fusion Expert Advisor and BeastMode algorithm, coming in at a much higher price. Paired with a range of trading courses, including a free solution, traders have plenty of products to choose from.

Free Online Course

If you are a beginner, you can enrol in Leach’s free online trading course, teaching the basics of trading stocks and forex.

This can be a good way to learn about the trading world while seeing for yourself whether the quality of Leach’s courses is worth paying for.

Cons Of Samuel Leach


The Samuel & Co trading courses and algorithm tools are expensive, especially given how much material there is out there that is free. Several leading brokers with educational resources offer excellent materials at no charge, for example.

The outcomes that are promised are also huge, but there is no way to make guaranteed profits from trading, so paying this much could be a gamble.

Limited Online Information

In terms of finding out more about Samuel & Co, there is little online that backs the claims that he makes. There is also limited information on his website to vouch for the legitimacy of the company, or its transparency for traders.

Given how expensive many of the courses and offers are, this is enough to make any trader wary.


In any aspect of trading that asks you to use your own funds, your funds must be secure. Some of the online reviews for Samuel & Co are positive, speaking of the company’s legitimacy and honesty, which is a positive sign. However, for most traders to spend a large amount of money on trading courses and algorithms, more trust needs to be established.

There is no information on the Samuel & Co website about how they provide a secure environment for their customers, nor is there any kind of honesty and transparency pledge.

Traders should exercise caution.

Additional Features

Aside from the training courses provided by Samuel & Co, there are various other features available:

  • StockWatch Newsletter – The StockWatch newsletter, which costs £30 per month or equivalent, is composed by Samuel Leach and educates traders on which stocks to focus on and why they are valuable. The process of opening positions on these stocks is also explained.
  • Mindset 1 to 1 – Mindset 1 to 1 is a coaching session that helps traders develop a more objective trading strategy that isn’t influenced by emotions. This is a one-time session that costs £180 or equivalent.
  • Algorithms – Leach offers traders nine different options for automated trading systems. From expert advisors to technical analysis tools, there are various resources available. Please note that algorithms must be purchased separately.
  • The Formula for Success – Leach’s book, The Formula for Success, can be purchased from the Samuel & Co website for £15.99 or equivalent. The book offers traders a guide to Leach’s trading mindset and strategies.

Is it Worth Signing Up With Samuel Leach?

Samuel Leach provides a variety of trading tools and courses that aim to assist investors in making better online trades and earning higher profits. Given his own trading success, learning his techniques and strategies could be a wise decision.

However, due to the lack of available information to verify the validity of his claims and the high cost, we would exercise caution before investing money.

Instead, consider using our selection of the best brokers with educational content and algo-trading platforms.


Who Is Samuel Leach?

Samuel Leach is an entrepreneur who made gains trading on the financial markets, leading him to start his training platform, Samuel & Co. He has been running the platform for a decade and also offers algo-trading tools.

What Is Samuel & Co?

Samuel & Co is a learning platform for traders created by financial market expert Samuel Leach. Here, he offers courses that demonstrate his trading techniques and how traders can earn profits.

Is Samuel & Co Worth The Money?

The courses provided by Samuel & Co are expensive, with some priced at £4,999. However, we recommend exercising caution before investing and considering other options, such as our list of the best brokers with educational content and algo-trading platforms.

And while they may teach you everything there is to know about how Leach himself gained success, it’s a significant amount to spend.

Instead, we would recommend starting with the top brokers that offer educational materials and market insights.

Is Samuel & Co Legit?

Samuel & Co has largely positive reviews on TrustPilot, but this is as far as it goes in terms of assessing the platform’s legitimacy.There is limited verifiable information about the brand online, so discretion is advised.

What Is Samuel Leach’s Net Worth?

Samuel Leach’s net worth is estimated to be between $8 million and $10 million.Leach made his money through online trading, books, and various business ventures.

How Old Is Samuel Leach?

Samuel Leach’s age is 31, as of 2022.