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Vladimir Ribakov is a professional trader that provides a mentoring service. Best known for Traders Academy Club, Ribakov offers various courses, workshops, and subscription services. But should you sign up with Vladimir Ribakov’s trading solutions or are there better options available to aspiring investors? Read our review to find out.

After reviewing Vladimir Ribakov’s resources, we found alternatives with higher ratings & lower price points:

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Who Is Vladimir Ribakov?

Vladimir Ribakov is a trading mentor that offers a real-time forex education to help traders use the money they have to be financially successful.

Ribakov first became known for Traders Academy Club, a program he runs as a certified financial technician specializing in trading forex. The club was designed to give people the level of education that they need to get better and increase their profits, and is now one part of several courses that are available via Ribakov’s website.

Courses & Subscriptions

Traders Academy Club

This subscription service is a live trading club that traders can sign up for and access tools to help with investment decisions.

Users can access live trading rooms, detailed daily reports, strategy setups, and Telegram chats with a community of forex investors.

There are also live webinars, archived webinars, downloadable tools, trading carrier opportunities, free strategies, and groups that operate 24/7.

Traders Workshop

Traders Workshop covers various levels of training from beginner to pro, explaining how active investing works.

This ranges from the basics of trading to technical and fundamental analysis.

After purchasing the course, users also have access to daily reports that include trading ideas and analysis of particular instruments, such as major forex pairs.

Divergence University Course

This Vladimir Ribakov course covers the basics of divergence training with information about each kind of divergence. This includes an overview of technical analysis that can be used alongside indicators and tools, such as Bollinger Bands duplication levels, 20 candles ride, etc.

The format of this course is video tutorials, PowerPoint presentations, lessons, and exams.

Bulls Bears Control (BBC) Fast Course

This 8-hour course is an intensive lesson on bearish power and bullish power, and trading methods that rely on them.

The course is designed for those interested in scalping or those looking to do long-term ride trades.

Private Or Group Mentoring

Vladimir Ribakov also offers private and group mentoring for those who want a more hands-on approach to learning.

The group mentorship program consists of 10 educational sessions for 4-6 people, 5 trading workshops, a private Telegram group, access to a professional mentor, and learning sessions lasting 1-2 hours at a time.

The private mentorship isn’t widely advertised. Traders need to contact Vladimir Ribakov directly to gain access, but it offers a 1 on 1 VIP experience with insider tips.

Vladimir Ribakov Strategies

sRs PRO Strategy

sRs PRO is the third version of sRs, after 1,512 days of testing the original strategy and working on it since its original 2010 release.

The strategy is designed for accuracy and flexibility in trading currency pairs.

Its success can be judged by looking at the results from those who have used it between 2016 and now. Trades made using the strategy are recorded in screenshots at the time of the trade alert and again at the close.

The sRs PRO is semi-automated and installed on MT4. It can be used by both beginners and experienced traders, and is based on MAs, RSI, and Momentum. Users get the second edition for free when purchasing PRO.

Forex Triple B PRO System Strategy

Triple B is a trend trading system based on Bollinger Bands, now coming in a PRO edition that exceeds the technical and programming features of former versions.

The system analyses the market 5 days per week, for 24 hours each day, and it can be used with a combination of currency pairs and timeframes. The strategy essentially finds trades setups and this triggers an alert, so users can choose whether or not to take the advice.

Triple B is installed on MT4. Users also receive previous versions when purchasing the PRO solution.

Forex Crystal Ball Strategy

The Crystal Ball Strategy uses an algorithm that brings statistical research and probabilities of repeating patterns, rather than technical indicators. This means it is designed to predict how probable tops, bottoms, and price reversals are to happen.

It also uses strategy to allow riding trends and trade reversals, and has an in-built supply and demand indicator to let you know key trading levels.

Additional Features

In-House Indicators

Vladimir Ribakov offers in-house indicators:

  • MACD Indicator – for trend confirmation and finding divergences.
  • False Break & Convergence Indicator – for false breaks and convergences as a means of spotting trend reversals.
  • Smart Japanese Candle Patterns Indicators – for trends, spotting reversal patterns, and identifying the trade direction.
  • Key Trading Levels Indicator – for volume scans on any timescale and resistance and support zones.
  • Virtual Trading Pen – free drawing pen with line, arrow, pattern, and text tools.
  • Can be used on multiple frames.
  • Stop Loss Trailer PRO – for riding trends, including 4 options of how to trail your stop loss.
  • Multi Time Frame Stochastic Scanner – for traders who want to have stochastic information in real-time from all time frames.
  • Real-Time News Indicator – for all trading-related news globally, with customization so you can control what news you want to see.
  • Risk Manager EA – minimizes risk with automated calculation so traders know the risk they are taking, including pending orders, validation, expiration, volume, and multi-targets trading.

Free Trading Resources

Vladimir Ribakov offers some free resources, so traders can get an idea about the quality of the information provided before spending money. This includes a blog with articles on trading ideas, advice on choosing a broker, how to select a good demo account, and how to avoid trading scams.

Vladimir Ribakov also offers 15 different books that are free to download, covering using MT4, learning about candlestick patterns, and support and resistance.

Users can also find other pages on forex such as a free dictionary providing an A-Z of terminology relating to FX.

Free Newsletter

Vladimir Ribakov offers two newsletters that provide insights on forex and commodities, strategies, and education, plus market news.

When signing up, you can select whether you are a beginner or advanced trader, and enter your email address.

The newsletter you receive will reflect the latest updates.

Broker Sponsorship Program

Vladimir Ribakov is partnered with several brokers. However, we cannot endorse the depth and quality of his brokerage assessments or guarantee financial compensation for recommending brands.

Pricing & Fees

Courses & Subscriptions

  • Traders Academy Club – $297 per year
  • Traders Workshop – Free with broker sponsorship or a one-time payment of $997
  • Divergence University – $497 one-time payment
  • Bulls Bears Course – $197 one-time payment
  • Group Mentoring – $5,000 per person
  • Private Mentoring – Price given upon request for private mentorship


Broker sponsorships include free access to strategies.

  • sRs Pro – $497 one-time payment
  • Forex Triple B – $497 one-time payment
  • Forex Crystal Ball – $297 one-time payment in cryptocurrency

Pros of Vladimir Ribakov


Some users have posted positive reviews on Vladimir Ribakov’s website. However, we advise caution as the website may selectively display only favorable ratings.


Vladimir Ribakov’s website offers numerous resources.

The resources are categorized into Systemic, Enlightening, Technical, and Fundamental. Under each category, there are hyperlinks that direct you to the necessary trading resources, including free ebooks and beginner guides for forex investments. However, some areas may have patchy content, and there are other forex guides that offer more information.

Cons of Vladimir Ribakov

Poorly Displayed Pricing

Vladimir Ribakov’s website does not list the prices for strategies, subscriptions, or courses, except for the price of group mentoring services, which can be misleading to those who want to determine whether the subscriptions are worth it or not. Instead of having a price list, users have to visit another website to know the cost of each course, subscription, and strategy.

High Prices

The prices are not only hard to find, but they are also high, and there is no free trial option. Traders will not know if the products are worth it until they have already purchased them. All courses and strategies cost more than $150, and some are almost $500, not to mention the $5000 price of the mentoring sessions. It is a significant financial commitment.

Customer Support

Customer support is available via live chat, which can be accessed by clicking the button at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Once you start the chat, you will be prompted to enter your name and email address before being connected to a representative for support.

If no one is available, you can leave a message and someone will get back to you via email.

From this chat box, you can also opt to call the customer support team from your computer or phone.

Should You Sign Up With Vladimir Ribakov?

The services that Vladimir Ribakov provide may help with the learning process when it comes to trading forex. However, there are also lots of higher quality and lower cost resources available, including at the top brokers. Alternatively, we would suggest starting with one of our recommended forex training courses.


Who Is Vladimir Ribakov?

Vladimir Ribakov is a professional forex trader who has also made a career from mentoring others. Today he provides several courses, a trading club membership, and various strategies.

Are Vladimir Ribakov Courses Worth It?

The reviews of Vladimir Ribakov’s services are positive on the whole, but the price for many of his products is high.

This means that traders need to be sure they are going to get enough from the products to warrant paying this much.

Head to our review for other free and low-cost educational services.

Is Vladimir Ribakov Legit?

Ribakov’s subscription service, Traders Academy Club, has some positive user reviews.

Since traders pay an annual fee to use it, this bodes well for the service being legitimate.

However, there are better forex training courses and brokers with low-cost educational resources.

Is Vladimir Ribakov Qualified?

Vladimir Ribakov is a certified financial technician.

However, whether his trading style will meet your needs will depend on your goals, experience level and risk appetite.

See our review for alternatives to Vladimir Ribakov.

What Does Vladimir Ribakov Offer?

Vladimir Ribakov offers various trading resources such as strategies, courses, and private mentoring services with Ribakov.